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marilynbrooksMarilyn Brooks is a born storyteller and she has so many stories to tell. Bursting on to Toronto’s grey fashion scene in the 60s, she broke the rules to transform the industry into rainbows of opportunities for all who participated, guiding retail and manufacturing businesses into the new millennium along the way.

A uniquely engaging individual with an outgoing personality, Marilyn has met celebrities, luxuriated in success, yet dealt with adversity.

Marilyn’s memoirs and business maxims form a book that is fascinating, instructive, praise-worthy – and fun to read!

Learn more about Marilyn Brooks at her Web site, www.marilynbrooks.com.



Peter Jennings is a seasoned professional writer with hundreds of articles, scripts, ads, websites and brochures to his credit.

His book, “Shark Assault: An Amazing Story of Survival” is well on its way to bestseller status (e.g. after less than a month, the book entered second printing; Readers Digest is running a 4,000-word excerpt in 15 languages around the world in July). Learn more at sharkassault.com

Peter is currently writing I’ll Never Smile Again: How a Downcast Canadian Girl Electrified Frank Sinatra’s Fame”, a gripping story about Ruth Lowe (ruthlowestory.com), and has recently completed “Why Being Happy Matters” which includes interviews with 35 people from around the world on the subject of happiness (whybeinghappymatters.com).

Learn more at peterjennings.me

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